Stellar 15000 OTR Tire Manipulator Truck

The Stellar 15000 OTR
Service Truck

Designed from the ground up to provide maximum lifting performance and solid stability, the Stellar 15000 is the largest OTR crane in the industry allowed on a single axle truck. It also offers over 18’ of stabilizer spread to keep your truck stable.

When mounted with the Stellar TM7120 Tire Manipulator, the 15000 OTR crane can handle tires up to 123” diameter and up to 7,200 lbs. Without the TM7120, the 15000 OTR crane can lift 15,000 lbs. @ 10’ and 10,000 lbs. at 15’ from the centerline of the crane’s rotation.
The 15000 OTR crane offers 320 degree of rotation by utilizing a top mount planetary gearbox rotation system. By top mounting the planetary gearbox, you’ll experience the smooth, powerful performance of planetary drive with unsurpassed ease of service.
The stabilizers are a fold down style with a wide stance to give excellent stability whether mounted on a single or tandem axle chassis. This stabilizer system also offers excellent servicability of all cylinders and hoses.
As with all Stellar OTR cranes, the 15000 incorporates a hexagonal boom design. This boom design is well known in the industry for its excellent strength and durability.
The Stellar 15000 OTR crane can be mounted on a single axle or tandem axle chassis. The single axle body is 17’ long and the tandem body is 20’ long.


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